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"Laundering The Dragon is fictional, following the trail of dirty money around the world in a compelling story with both cutthroat and farcical situations."
Joy Metcalfe (West End Journal)
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"Just finished it! Great read! Very entertaining but also gives a great insight into what has happened that nobody wants to openly figure out."

Leading Canadian Real Estate Investor

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Laundering The Dragon is a lighthearted, well researched historical novel based upon real-life experience. The story originates in the buccaneering colonies of Hong Kong and Macau, when the Communists seized control of China. It follows the fictitious adventures of present-day financial pirates now in Canada, as they become rich from money illegally laundered out of Communist China. The characters’ unchallenged success illustrates Canada’s ineffectual and bumbling efforts to control the situation, or aggressively intruding China. 

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