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For information about Adagio Media owner Bob D'Eith go to

Adagio Media is an active music and book publishing company.


Adagio's roster includes Mythos, Cam Blake, Raincity, Clare Twiddy, Imonolith, Lillix, and Charlie others distributed through The Orchard/SONY.


Adagio also publishes books including "Laundering the Dragon" (fiction), "Tokkie Smith and the Colour of Rugby" (non-fiction), "The Displaced" (sci-fi), "A Career in Music: the other 12 step program" (textbook) and "A Career in Music: building your inner circle"(textbook).


Adagio provides artist development services for artists including producing, recording, consultations, funding applications, marketing plan development and general artist career and music business development advice.

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