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A cynically light-hearted financial crime novel by author John D'Eathe, set in recent times, follows Canadian Ron Leyland's encounter with romance in Hong Kong leading him into business opportunities presented by his colonial lawyer Hinkenbothem, with dubious big money coming from Macau and China.


Renminbi, the Peoples' Currency, is slowly weaving its insidious way into control of the Western World. Illegal capital movement, unchecked money laundering and cheating have become prevalent in Canada. The Vancouver Model is now the international money launderers' standard.


Wealth prevails and Ron is swept away into the process, uneasy but unchallenged. The Leyland Co. family prospers and chairman Logger Leyland even invests in China drawing them into illicit dealing there. However, increasing attention by Sgt. Singh of the Mounties alerts his Hong Kong experienced Commissioner Jack Jackman in Ottawa and they are heading for real trouble.


Ron's human rights activist wife Maisie, now Canadian, tries in vain to control her evil nightclub owning and drug dealing brother. She also attempts to escape from the lust of powerful Mainland politically connected Zhang who brings questionable billions to invest with Leyland. Ron's Canadian banker friends and trusty lawyer George Oikawa rush to protect them.


Ah-Cy, Zhang's wife of convenience is daughter of a revolution hero father and befriends Maisie but can she save her from his clutches? Ah-Cy achieves personal Party prominence in China but Maisie's serious concerns about human rights puts pressure on their relationship just when their mutual trust becomes vital.


Will Canada itself learn to protect itself in a corrupt, manipulative world and struggle out of its naivety in time? Or will it also become addicted to the alluring Renminbi?

Laundering the Dragon

  • If you are purchasing the book outside of the USA or canada, you may want to consider ordering from Amazon to save the international shipping costs. 

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