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Since 1995, Adagio Studio has served the lower mainland of British Columbia. Producers and engineers who have worked at Adagio Studios include Mark Hensley, Bill Buckingham, Michael Balch, Bob D'Eith and many others.

Artists recording at Adagio Studios have included Cam Blake, Mythos, Jessie Farrell, Retrograde, Geoff Gibbons, Cooldown, Universal Freak, Kayle and many others.

Adagio Studios has also recorded scores for a number of film productions including Bardel Animation's series "Mr. Dink", Studio B animation pilot "The Banjo Boys", the documentary "The Friendship Village" and other productions.

Studio includes grand piano, drums, Marshall guitar amp, Genelec monitors, Yamaha NS-10 Monitors, Apogee and  Focusrite interfaces, Audio technica and AKG mikes, Mac computer, Yamaha digital mixing board and other equipment.

Studio is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Rate including engineer $500 per day or $50 per hour.

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