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“If you’re hoping to make a career out of music, this book could be the difference between getting it right and flaming out.”

Alan Cross broadcaster, blogger


Print version: Amazon Books


Kindle version: Kindle Books


A Career in Music: the other 12 step program (second edition - now includes additional book: Building Your Inner Circle)


After over two decades in the Canadian music business, Bob D'Eith has learned a lot about how independent artists have succeeded or failed. This book delves into the basic tools that every independent artist should have in today's complicated and ever changing music industry. More than ever before, artists are being expected to develop themselves. That means understanding many parts of the business both traditional and cutting edge. "A Career in Music" examines where the money is for Canadian artists and how to get it.


Foreword by Grant Lawrence (CBC and Author)



A Career in Music: the other 12 step program (Second Edition)

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