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What can Adagio Media do for you?

The world of music has changed dramatically over the past decade. Presently, we are living in a hybrid market that utilizes both the traditional and digital universes. Adagio can help you or your company to navigate this new music industry paradigm.

Bob D'Eith provides one-on-one training in songwriting, recording, social media, marketing, promotion, funding projects, live performance, realizing revenue streams and other artist development. Bob can tailor a program that is ideal for your level of artistic development. Bob's goal is to fast-track your career in music by helping you to make strategic decisions and plan for success.


Services include:


  • Digital Distribution through the worlds most effective digital distributor The Orchard

  • social media and online audits

  • live performance, song and sound recording critiques

  • drafting of business and marketing plans

  • FACTOR funding and other funding application preparation

  • registration of copyrights

  • registration with music royalty agencies


For a quote, please contact Adagio music here.







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